I’m Rebecca and I am an alternative wedding photographer based in Derbyshire. I live in the quiet town of Matlock which is on the edge of the scenic Peak District National Park. I’m very lucky to live in a place with such dramatic scenery and lots of things to do outside which is where I’m happiest. I also enjoy reading, listening to music, cooking and exploring new places but this is starting to sound a bit like a dating profile now so i’ll move onto what I do best – the photography!


It all started when I got my first 35mm film camera. I learnt film as a teenager and this started my long love affair with it. Once I had nailed the basics and learnt to develop my own film I was excited to start experimenting. I tried out all kinds of alternative processes like dunking my rolls of film in boiling water, burying them in the garden (this got some funny looks off the neighbours) and developing my film the ‘wrong’ way to achieve some pretty extreme effects. Ansel Adams probably wept at this point but this was a beautiful process for me. All those hours spent in the darkroom were some of my happiest times – sad, I know! But at least you know you’re getting a photographer who’s heart is really in it.

I don’t like doing anything by the book and I like things to be unique and non-traditional. Why be the same as everyone else when you can be you?! Don’t worry though, I’m not going to go all mad professor on your wedding photographs. I’ve since invested in an awesome digital camera and photograph weddings with the appropriate gear.


Wedding photography allows me to be a storyteller too. I’m inspired by emotion and every image is a memory frozen in time. Be it teary eyed or creasing with laughter, I am here to let you enjoy those memories over and over. I shoot primarily in a documentary style which allows me to capture the moment without being obtrusive. I also love a good mix of posed photographs and I’ll happily sneak off with you both on the day to get some couples portraits. I mean, who doesn’t want rockstar poses in their wedding album?!

So, you’ve read this far and you feel like you know me a little bit better now. You’ve got a feel of what I do and how I create my alternative style of wedding photography but, who are you? Are you laid back, creative and maybe a little bit quirky? Do you love adventure and to get off the beaten track? Do you like to do things a little differently and add your own personal twist? Are you a bohemian? Tattooed? A fashionista? A country bumpkin? Have wonderful colourful hair? Or are you simply just doing you and totally rocking it?

If you’re any of the above then I think we’re going to be friends.