A love story for the new age



So you've fallen in love and you're getting married. If you're looking for relaxed, stylish wedding photography then you've come to the right place.

I'm here to document your wedding as it unfolds. My approach is simple and I focus on 3 main things to create compelling wedding photographs that portray your personality and tell your love story. 

Firstly I will mostly hang back throughout the day so I can blend in with your guests and capture the emotion as it happens. Secondly, sometime after the ceremony I will take you somewhere private for your couple portraits. This quite a special part of the wedding because its one of the rare times you'll have a few moments just for the two of you. I don't focus too much on posing here - I prefer to use prompts to guide you into the most natural moments. And thirdly, I like to photograph all little details that make your wedding personal to you. I will capture the styling, florals and ceremony set up in an artistic, editorial style.


You know those vintage wedding photographs of your grandparents or parents that you love? Well, that will be your wedding photograph one day. When you look at your wedding photographs, you’re reminded of how the day felt and you get to relive the joy all over again.

The photographs from your wedding are one of the few things that last forever. The cake gets eaten, champagne drank, the dancing is over and the flowers wilt. Your wedding photographs are a permanent reminder from the happiest day in your life. This is why wedding photography is so worth the investment.

Here you will find some information on my wedding photography prices and packages.

Just married couple pose for an intimate photograph on their wedding day at The West Mill in Derby



  • Around 12 hours of photography coverage from getting ready through to the after party.
  • A minimum of 15 preview images around a week after the wedding via an online gallery.
  • A selection of small high quality prints posted to you.
  • Complimentary engagement photoshoot


Full length shot of a just married couple facing each other in the countryside, Derbyshire





  • A pre wedding consultation
  • 10 hours of photography coverage (usually from getting ready until after the first dance).
  • A minimum of 15 preview images 48 hours after the wedding via an online gallery.
  • A selection of small (6x4inch) high-quality prints posted to you.






  • A pre wedding consultation.
  • Up to 5 hours of photography coverage. This usually covers your guests arriving, the ceremony then up until food is served (depending on the timeline of the day).
  • A minimum of 15 preview images 48 hours after the wedding via an online gallery.
  • A selection of small (6x4inch) high-quality prints posted to you.



I shoot weddings primarily in digital format but I also bring a 35mm film camera with me to full day wedding bookings. This means that your final gallery will include some film photographs too.

I'm a bit of a film nerd - I first learnt photography by developing my own film in a darkroom. I then studied it for years before beginning digital photography.

I chose film photography because the aesthetic is so perfectly imperfect. It's nostalgic, warm, romantic and can't be matched. Film reminds me of family snapshots from my childhood. Unposed, real, unbridled - a true documentation of human connections.

Isn't that just magical?



I photograph weddings as a solo photographer however if you would like a second photographer this can be added to your package for an additional fee. I recommend a second photographer if you have 120+ guests.



These are usually held somewhere pretty outdoors and are a great way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. My style is relaxed, using a mix of candid and posed shots. Engagement shoots are great for marking the occasion as well as giving you a little practice run before the wedding day.


(this is included in my ultimate package)

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