Hi, Rebecca (she/her) here. Based in Sheffield, I travel all over, camera in hand, photographing people in love.

I’m a laid-back coffee loving romantic with a passion for storytelling wedding photography. I love music, fashion, cooking, art, and beer. I love going for brunch with friends, visiting art galleries, spending time outdoors, open mic nights, and traveling.


Let me begin by expressing my profound affection for weddings, as well as my passion for photography. However, what truly captivates me is the genuine human connections and raw emotions that come alive on a wedding day. The romance, dancing, and the food are unparalleled. Seeing loved ones come together from all corners of the globe to celebrate is truly magical, and I feel privileged to document such moments.

I work with incredible couples all across the UK, capturing their authentic connections in an editorial style. Using soft light, I create elegant and timeless wedding photographs that exude emotion.

I love mingling with your guests and unobtrusively blending in allowing you to focus on the celebrations. I will document your epic journey in a timeless style, focusing on precious, natural moments that make your day truly unforgettable. So, if you're seeking a photographer who can artistically capture your wedding day with style and grace, I am here for you.

Let's create art together!