Hi, Rebecca (she/her) here. Based in Sheffield, I travel all over, camera in hand, photographing people in love.

I’m a laid-back coffee loving romantic with a passion for storytelling wedding photography. I love music, fashion, cooking, art, and beer. I love going for brunch with friends, visiting art galleries, spending time outdoors, open mic nights, and traveling.

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I’ll start by stating the obvious – I love weddings! And I have a deep passion for photography, too. But what I love the most is real human connections and emotion. There is something truly magical about a wedding day. The romance, the dancing, and the food. All your loved ones in one place celebrating together, sometimes from all around the world. It doesn’t get much better than that and I am privileged to photograph such beautiful moments.

I work with amazing couples all over the UK documenting authentic connections in my signature style. I create stylish wedding photographs using soft light to capture the emotion of the day.

I love mingling with your guests and unobtrusively blending in allowing you to focus on the celebrations. My relaxed approach is perfect for laid-back couples who want to spend most of their wedding partying with their loved ones. From country weddings to chic city vibes to dreamy beach elopements, I’m your girl. Your epic journey will be captured in a timeless style focusing on all those important natural moments.


The warm, candid style of my wedding photography is mostly inspired by editorial fashion photography and analogue film photography.

I have an array of influences that have curated how I make my work, how I edit it and what I take photographs of. I am inspired by love and human emotion - through photography your memories become tangible. My wedding photography is a means of isolating a moment, personal to you, that becomes a reminder that lasts a lifetime. I adore wedding photography for this reason. It is a collaborative effort of everyone at your wedding, intrinsically linked through my camera.

Aesthetically, I am inspired by the nostalgic, unposed photographs that we all have from our childhood. These images weren’t constructed, and they are the ones that we look back on the most. This is where my love of 35mm film photography comes in as I am inspired by the unique, timeless and unposed nature of old analogue film photographs. Infuse this with a hint of editorial fashion photography, the romance of a wedding day, and you will have one dreamy set of wedding photographs that tell your love story.


I have been photographing weddings since 2017 and during this time I have developed my artistic and unobtrusive style.

I have photographed the nuptials of people in love all over the UK and abroad, too. During this time, I have learned, listened, and grown as an artist. Photographing weddings for 5 years has taught me how to handle all sorts of light, different types of weddings and venues. Every wedding is wonderfully unique and requires a sharpened, adaptable set of skills from the photographer. Since being lucky enough to photograph over 70 weddings, I have learned to act on my feet and be alert, always looking out for genuine emotions.

As photographers we are there to pay attention to the moments, never miss a beat, and create wedding photographs with thought and intention.


What is film photography and why does it play such an important role in my work?

Firstly, I was a film photographer before I ever used a digital camera. My photography education started with me shooting on black and white film and then developing it by hand in a darkroom. I have since moved to working on colour 35mm film.

I am in love with the process of film. Unlike digital photographs you cannot see the images you have taken on film straight away, it's less instantaneous and I guess this has always stuck with me. Maybe I’m just old fashioned! There is something different about the way emotion and romance is portrayed in a film photograph and that is why I think film and wedding photography are a match made in heaven.


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